After several years of research, custom proprietary development, market evaluation, hundreds of Local (GEO) Domain Name acquisitions, alpha/beta testing and soft launch, we are pleased to introduce you to is an interactive customizable resource portal specifically designed to help make searching the internet easy, while promoting small to medium sized businesses zeroing in on their local markets.

With ever growing online vertical markets, we feel that our unique and innovative web based marketing solution offered by our MyCityExplorer platform, may be the "Ideal Host" for businesses allowing them to increase their Local market share and day to day presence in their respective communities.

With MyCityExplorer, you can now open your internet connection and find a page similar to your desktop, containing "Your" favourite photos rotating on the background like a screen saver, while featuring every web link "You" use daily or search the most “All On One Convenient Page”.

You won't have to search for a site, instead have everything that matters to "You” one click away while being able to organize it all in a manner appealing to you.

Certainly not everyone is aware of exactly where to look or click on the internet with the plethora of choices apparent by search results ”which may prove to be frustrating and in some cases useless or time consuming”. As a result, we selected all the most popular resources in a variety of categories and direct you to them within one click.

You can easily personalize MyCityExplorer to match your personal preferences. For example, should you opt for The Washington Post to The New York Times for news, you can easily substitute the The New York Times logo with The Washington Post logo. You can display hundreds of your favourite links in a conveyor belt tool bar on your desktop by choosing them from our icon library or you can add your own links easily. Modify your start page with colour styles, patterns, themes and photographs in order to instantly transform the appearance of MyCityExplorer on your screen creating your very own personalized online desktop.


Selling online advertising to small businesses is highly dependent on placement opportunities on a high traffic site. Developing a site to gain high traffic by offering a unique tool effective enough to capture the highest user rate possible was our mandate. What better way to do this than to become a Homepage (or Internet Start Page), and capture consistent daily traffic because we distribute it best!

In these modern times, we encounter a vast variety of web pages on the internet, and continuous launches of new sites. The World Wide Web is growing at a stunning rate. We felt someone should take the initiative to cull out all the unfavourable and unhelpful sites and provide a straightforward selection of the most useful and popular internet resources available. Including: Social Sites, Travel, Jobs, Movies, Sports, Radio, TV, News, Banking, Games, Maps, Magazines, Tech, Health, Government, Utilities, Shopping both Online and Local, & More.

Business Model

MyCityExplorer is the ideal internet start page when saved as your default homepage, launching automatically every time you connect to the internet providing user friendly convenience and the best of what the web has to offer at your fingertips! This convenient platform generates loyal daily users while obtaining traffic each and every time they open their internet connection, allowing tremendous advertising opportunities for local business exposure. as a business directory allowing for monetization opportunities now proudly serves over 40,000 Cities across the entire North American Continent. There is no better place for a business to advertise and expose their business than an internet homepage used daily by the community.

Our Local Business Directory

MyCityExplorer offers 100% local market saturation for all the businesses listed by making use of our revolutionary approach that limits advertisers to 16 per category in Cities throughout North America.

If you're a local, having an online business directory available at the touch of a button is one of the great advantages of modern technology. We are an innovative business directory that was specifically designed to promote local small businesses to their immediate community. All City information contained on our MyCity Network can be accessed through or in some cases the individual City dot com names such as etc. via a home computer, a mobile phone, or PDA handheld device and will display local business info complete with step by step directions of how to get there, including featuring coupons, videos, images, articles and more.

One of the greatest advantages of using a great online business directory is that, if one is visiting a City in North America and is unfamiliar with the area, there is no need to worry in the event of a mishap such as automotive failure. The tourist or visitor can quickly look up the closest repair shop using their mobile phone or PDA and have their needs met. The same applies to finding great restaurants in which to dine and one-of-a-kind places that they may have heard of and wanted to visit.

For daily consumers, finding a business on has been made easy by the manner in which the directory is organized; there are only 24 main categories to choose from. The fact that there are so few is a great advantage for users because time is not wasted running down a list of endless categories trying to find what they need. The 24 categories are classified in a simple structure and are categorized to accommodate almost all business industries.

Secondly, once the user locates the category they are looking for and clicks on it, they find that there are 16 featured sub-categories associated with the main category to simplify the selection even further. “Within 2 clicks relevant businesses are exposed!”

When one thinks of an online business directory, thoughts of never ending pages of business names leap into his or her mind. The thought of having to navigate the hundreds of categories and businesses to find one that a consumer can use is more tiring than the work itself. is delightfully different and does not have an endless list of unorganized business listings to further compound the confusion of picking one. Instead, features only 16 so that visitors to the site can quickly narrow down their choices and pick the business or organizations they would like to work with similar to being referred to it.

In order to make it easier for visitors to make a choice of which organization to work with or visit, each business provides a profile, and showcases its products and services on a “Premium Digital StoreFront” an interactive graphic display ad acting like a mini website. The presentation includes all one would expect from a great directory, graphics, sounds, videos, coupons, maps, image galleries, articles, web and email links and more, making MyCityExplorer’s StoreFront ad just as effective as the business' full blown website.

Contrary to what some may think, MyCityExplorer does not limit its advertising space due to a shortage of businesses clamoring to register. Instead, it is for the comfort and ease of those using the service, once a category fills up, all others businesses wishing to opt in go on a waiting list to be put on the website the following year if space permits. This does not mean that the categories are limited. Our online business directory includes a full search engine with millions of listings throughout Canada and the United States. Now all one has to do to find that famous Thai restaurant is search for it by name and even if it’s not in the featured 16 they can still find the info via a map that is provided and directions to the specific businesses, making quite handy all around.

Some of the businesses represented on this local business directory include restaurants, sports and recreation, health care products, personal products, legal services, consultants, insurance companies, real estate firms, event planners and many more. All these have been put in one place for the benefit and comfort of the user. At the touch of a button the consumer has access to thousands of businesses.

Regardless of the type of business, service, or product a business is offering there is a category that they can plug into for only $1.00 (Yes, one dollar) per day. offers by far the greatest value in online advertising today creating great exposure for the businesses advertised on it.

With a limit of 16 businesses per category, reducing the competition in comparison to other directories, each company is able to enjoy more exposure with limited competition.

The Premium Digital StoreFront ads on the other hand are a visual revolution in themselves. They are professionally designed to grab the attention of the potential client and keep their attention as well. They have been created to optimize the ranking of the business while entertaining the customers and encouraging them to find out more about the products or services offered.

To make contact easy between the business and the customer, an interactive hyperlink is added. At the click of a button the potential customer is able to email the business they are looking at and enquire on the products and services offered. With another click of a button a map of the business location is quickly pulled up with complete directions to the business premises. Same goes for watching video presentations, printing coupons, and seeing product images.

Included in the advertising package are banners that include animated effects. These banners measuring 120x240 are rotated on the most popular pages to ensure that businesses receive equal exposure with other members. This means that their banners will be seen on all pages on the MyCityExplorer network and help ensure a wider market base and higher return on investment. Visitors can be directed to each business’ StoreFront by clicking on their banner from anywhere throughout the site on 384 different categories.

Businesses advertising on do not have to worry about hiring a graphic designer, SEO expert, computer engineer, or copywriter for their advertisements. All this is included in the package at $1 a day. For $365 a year.

Small businesses that do not have a website or Internet address can still advertise online by leading their customers to their MyCityExplorer StoreFront in substitute of a website. Many small businesses appreciate the ability to market online without the cost of creating their own website and hosting it.

Whether you own a business or simply looking to find one, is proving to be an excellent solution. The proof is in its growing number of visitors and the extensive commitment to brand it in the community.