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MyCityExplorer.com is an interactive customizable resource portal specifically designed to help make searching the internet easy, while promoting small to medium sized businesses zeroing in on their local markets.

With ever growing online vertical markets, we feel that our unique and innovative web based marketing solution offered by our MyCityExplorer Default Homepage Platform, may be the "Ideal Host" for businesses allowing them to increase their Local market share and day to day presence in their respective communities.

Where Else Can You Get This Many Features and All This Exclusive Online Exposure
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Accessible via a home computer, a mobile phone, or any online capable handheld device, MyCityExplorer displays local business information on system fabricated webpages (Digital Storefronts), all conveniently packaged at an affordable price and easily administered dynamically in real time with full content control by the advertiser through a Client Control Panel.

A simple self-controlled, do-it-yourself system generated webpage - in a powerful business directory - featured in a specific business category - presented to locals at an affordable price. An ideal solution for small businesses to take advantage of, especially for those startups that have no web presence to date, or existing small companies with no online venues looking to build an online reputation within minutes. Other uses include, but not limited to, businesses looking to create alternative landing pages for marketing tracking purposes, social media promotional pages or just another position in the search engines to generate added traffic to their current website using an alternative url.

We are customer service driven, your satisfaction with our service is a priority to us. That's why we try to make everything as hands off as possible for you, making it easy to get started. The best part is: It's all 1 easy low price for the entire year (all inclusive)!


We will enter all your business info and get you listed.

We will prepare all the custom graphics for you according to your vision at no additional charges.

We will get you online in a top page position under your category with all the features and functions you can easily control remotely.

We will promote your page using Our Directory, Search Engines, and Social Media Venues.

We will provide you with 24/7 Support and complete campaign maintenance.

We will become your partner in online advertising and offer free advice in respect to any other of your online efforts to help you succeed online.

When comparing the products and features in our Premium Digital StoreFront membership to any of our competitors, you would think that membership costs thousands of dollars per year. The "MyCityExplorer" business plan allows for operations to be executed on fixed budgets, "ultimately passing the savings on to "You" our client.

All Inclusive Features

Complete step by step driving directions to the business.
Articles written about the business.
Email and web link.
Business profile and contact Info
Choice of multiple languages they wish to deliver their message in.
MP3 audio and radio commercials.
Keywords, meta data management for search engine optimization.
Office or business hours of operation.
Acceptable payment terms such as VISA or MasterCard.
Social networking plug-ins and more.
Parking Info, wheelchair accessibility, important notices.

The uses for advertisers participating in MyCityExplorer are endless. In fact many of our clients create a StoreFront on MyCityExplorer and mange their own content and direct a domain name to it, allowing their StoreFront to become their website without the need for hosting costs, web designers, or maintenance costs. It’s a smart alternative. (It’s Simple, Effective, Useful, and Affordable).

In addition to all the powerful link options, going Premium places your listing in the Top Exclusive Business Section (1 of only 16 companies featured - with your logo instead of your name in text) always putting the odds of click through's in your favour over your competitors.


Affordable Price


At only $365 per year all inclusive, no up-sales, no gimmicks, no hassles, our clients get everything for only 1 dollar per day
compared with the competitors with significantly higher rates offering significantly less.


You'll pay 1 low annual Price of $365.00 ($1/day) and we will set everything up for you (Turn Key) including a custom graphic designed display ad per your instructions.

To help boost your traffic right away we will include a FREE 120x240 rotating banner for a full year (365/24/7) No Cost Per Impressions, No Pay Per Click, Unlimited Clicks, Unlimited Impressions, and on High Rotation throughout all 365 categories of MyCityExplorer in your City.

No other online business directory offers you this much for so little!
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