A message to our valued users about the retirement of our previous platform:

For those that have been with us for a while, got familiar and enjoyed our previous version, we wish to thank you for your support over the years.

We can understand that such a drastic change to our format can seem to be overwhelming or even disappointing to some...So don't be discouraged just yet - try our new platform and find out how much more convenient it really is. We are confident that once you take a few moments to get all set up you will prefer our new platform to the old. Watch this short video below to get a basic idea of what our new site can do for you.


The internet is changing so quickly and technologies are evolving, changes are tasks we must undertake every once in a while including updating our site to maintain today’s standards. We've always believed that we should keep our site very simple with a point and click approach, so over the years we never focused on image as much as function. Some criticized how basic or busy the site looked previously, while many enjoyed its basic simplicity and took advantage of the many elements it displayed. We listened and took many things into account during this transition. As 2015 approaches we felt a change was required not only on a technical standpoint but also in image as we plan to expand globally.

We only hope that you can appreciate our efforts, and we want you to know that your assistance and advice in making this project better is something we truly value.

If you need any help at all, we are here to guide you through it over the phone, just give us a call anytime or email us, we will be happy to walk you through it if requested.

Thank You for your continued support as we look forward to remaining your default homepage!




After you've watched this short video, and ready to get started...
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