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Here's a brief introduction if you're a new user

Hello, you are about to access our Icon Library to select your favourite sites as you create your new personal start page. We’ve added hundreds of popular icons in our library for you to choose from and we will continue adding more. If you would like to recommend something we missed please use the contribute form to let us know as we are very eager to make the most convenient internet tool available to you! One of the great things about our site is that if a particular icon is not yet available, you can still save it as a favourite using our text link feature.

Creating Your Page

Click "Get Started" to access our icon library, once inside you can simply select icons of choice by “Double Clicking” the icons of the websites you frequent most and they will be added to your start page favourite's toolbar.

Default Page Layout vs Themes

Once you’ve selected all your favourite icons from all the categories available, click “Save and Exit”, this will bring you to your new customized Start Page. You will arrive at our “Default template”. You can further customize your page with options such as adding text links, setting your default e-mail client, changing page layout colours and design themes and more. To access the control area click the “Page Settings” button on the top right corner of your page to access the user menu for available options.

Saving Your Settings

All the settings you make on your page are saved automatically by cookies, your saved settings are never lost and available each time you visit us.
(Keep in mind that if you clear your cookies using your browser or refuse to accept cookies your settings cannot be preserved!)
If your saved settings are gone due to cookie clearing you can easily start over.

Setting Your Page as Your Default Internet Homepage

If you wish to access your new Personal Desktop every time you open your internet connection, you can set your page as your “Default Homepage” by following the instructions based on the browser your using. We’ve provided detailed instructions to help you with that. Saving your page as a default homepage is the reason this site was created “to bring you simplicity and convenience”. Although the major search engines are constantly trying to get you to save their site as your default homepage, we are a great alternative!


MyCityExplorer's mobile interface can be accessed on your phone by visiting In order to push your saved favourites from your desktop to your mobile phone, all the info saved in your cookies must be assigned to a file, and that file needs to be accessible whenever you’re on the go. Since a file needs to be created you will need to create one by signing up with us. Once you sign up and your SYNC file is created, you can simply login to your file from your mobile device to sync your stored data on your mobile phone using the “Load Desktop Favourites” icon on our mobile site. Registration is FREE and we don’t collect any information form you other than your email address and a password of your choice. Your e-mail is required in the event you request a password reminder. Your e-mail is never used for any other purpose and will never be shared.


Our use of any logo of any website is solely for convenience to our users, in many cases we are not involved or affiliated with these companies and make no representation about their products, services or claims. We believe using these small low resolution logos and linking directly to their respective websites is considered fair use. If you are an owner of any company listed in our library and for some reason not willing to participate and wish to opt out, feel free to contact us and we will remove it without delay.
By using this site we are assuming that you have agreed to the privacy policy and terms of use we have provided. If you have not read them you can find them under the “T.O.S” section of our website.