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With ever growing online vertical markets, we feel that our unique and innovative web based marketing solution offered by our MyCityExplorer platform, may be the "Ideal Host" for businesses allowing them to increase their local market share and day to day presence in their respective communities. With MyCityExplorer, you can now open your internet connection and find a page similar to your desktop, containing "Your" favourite photos rotating on the background like a screen saver, while featuring every web link "You" use daily or search the most “All On One Convenient Page”.

You won't have to search for a site, instead have everything that matters to "You” one click away while being able to organize it all in a manner appealing to you. Certainly not everyone is aware of exactly where to look or click on the internet with the plethora of choices apparent by search results ”which may prove to be frustrating and in some cases useless or time consuming”. As a result, we selected the most popular resources in a variety of categories and direct you to them within one click.


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Are You Using Our Convenient Personal Desktop Yet? What are you waiting for? is an interactive customizable resource portal specifically designed to help make searching the internet easy.

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