What We're Currently Working On...


Stealth Mode will allow you to conceal everything on your custom page except for your background images.
There will be a small watermark icon in the lower corner of the screen, when mouse-over is detected it will slide all your Links and Favourites into place
only when you want them displayed - thus allowing your mycityexplorer personal desktop to function as a live-online screen saver.


In the kids theme, Parental Guardian Mode will allow parents to disable the upper bar and extinguish the ability for children to enter any site other than the selected children's icons.

This allows parents assurance that their child is surfing only the sites made available on their kids desktop theme.

A new streamlined personal theme is under way to accommodate the taste of the simpleton - Just a plain, clean modern layout is coming soon in the theme section.


Our Android and i-Phone App's are currently in production. Android will be released first, followed by i-Phone and will be available FREE in your App Store soon.


As these features are released, you will find them in "what's new" Tab.