What's New On MyCityExplorer


As you can see if you've been with us for a while, we've completely revamped our entire website now with phase 2 of 3 new upcoming updates.
phase 3 will be uploaded by November end which will include some great new features. Click here to review what's coming in phase 3.

Our next course of action (following the completion of this 3 phase upgrade process), is to make a strong presence in communities via social media and trafficking methods in addition to complementing our system with features to increase usage. Our focus for the remainder of 2014 is specifically targeted on obtaining these growth resources.

Throughout this year we will be eagerly seeking a Group of Partners, or Strategic Alliance ultimately suited to Align MyCityExplorer and its GEO Domain properties with unparalleled Traffic to our sites through various strategies such as Viral Social Networking, Social Plug-Ins, Additional Monetization Avenues, as well as Hyper- Local content poised to complement our Local Desktops. Thus increasing our traffic and encouraging visitors and advertisers to use MyCityExplorer.com as their local internet desktop portal.

We want to be the most trusted, comprehensive, and relevant news and information resource in your community, where citizens can:

• Navigate the internet and all their favourite links easily from one portal.
• Find products and services.
• Keep up with local news and events.
• Check out photos and videos from around town.
• Learn more about local businesses and the people behind them.
• Participate in local concerning discussions.
• Share perspectives on topics.
• Submit your own announcements and events.
• Find volunteer work or submit your fundraiser.
• Find / post local job opportunities.
• Easily interact with municipal government (payments, info status etc.) And so much more.

We will keep you posted here on further developments in respect to this effort.