Opal Baths & Design
Burlington, Ontario.
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3-4104 Fairview St 905-639-0642
Burlington, Ontario Mr. Eric Kjarsgaard
L7L 4Y8 Canada  

Opal Bath's professionals will take special care in handling your complete bathroom renovations from concept to completion. Their professional staff can design and install the ultimate bathroom you've always dreamed of. Opal Baths is family owned and operated by Eric Kjarsgaard and sons Steven and Micheal, with more than 70 years combined expert design experience in the bathroom renovation industry.

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Bathrooms, Burlington

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Opal Baths & Design
3-4104 Fairview St Burlington
Tel.: 905-639-0642
Mr. Eric Kjarsgaard Owner
Opal Baths & Design is classified in MyCityExplorer as Bathrooms Burlington