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Animal Health Svc
Bukovska, Martin ...
Cat Clinic Of Niagra
Combe, H L Dvm
Court Animal Hos ...
Dalhousie Animal ...
Fairview Animal ...
Garden City Cat ...
Glenridge Animal ...
Hartzel Animal H ...
Huntington Anima ...
Jones, Fran Dvm
Lock One Animal ...
Martindale Anima ...
Mergl, J Dvm
Niagara Veterina ...
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Looking for Veterinarians & Pet Hospitals in St Catharines?

Looking for a veterinarian or pet hospital in St Catharines? Use the MyCityExplorer St Catharines virtual mall business guide and directory to find the ideal medical professional to care for your treasured pet. This local business directory features all types St Catharines vet services for pet emergencies, including 24 Hour clinics, pet ambulances, injuries, examinations, surgery, radiology, medications, assessments, quotes, lab testing, laboratory services, pharmacies, pet supplies, accessories, weight management, vaccinations, rabies shots, micro chipping as well as neutering, spaying and ear and tail docking.
Local quality veterinarians and pet hospitals in St Catharines are featured in the directory providing X-rays, hip dysplasia assessments, pet first aid information, fleas and ear mites treatments, euthanasia, pet nutrition, dental specialists, older pet care, neurology and overnight monitoring as well as treatment of all animal bites, porcupine quills and skunk sprays.
MyCityExplorer St Catharines provides local business listings which showcase a wide variety of veterinarians and pet hospitals in St Catharines offering the perfect solution for all your pet care needs. For all types of quality veterinarians and pet hospitals in St Catharines, look no further than the Veterinarians and Pet Hospitals section of the MyCityExplorer St Catharines directory.
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Featured St Catharines Veterinarians & Pet Hospitals:
Animal Health Svc 298 Lake St St Catharines
Bukovska, Martina Dvm 514 Welland Ave St Catharines
Cat Clinic Of Niagra 2 Tremont Dr St Catharines
Combe, H L Dvm 1 Secord Dr St Catharines
Court Animal Hospital 61 Geneva St St Catharines
Dalhousie Animal Hospital 2 Lakeshore Rd St Catharines
Fairview Animal Clinic 1 Secord Dr St Catharines
Garden City Cat Hospital 332 Geneva St St Catharines
Glenridge Animal Hospital #4-224 Glenridge Ave St Catharines
Hartzel Animal Hospital 133 Hartzell Rd St Catharines
Huntington Animal Hospital 211 Martindale Rd St Catharines
Jones, Fran Dvm 211 Martindale Rd St Catharines
Lock One Animal Hospital #9-260 Lakeshore Rd St Catharines
Martindale Animal Clinic #21-100 Fourth Ave St Catharines
Mergl, J Dvm #2E-10 Tremont Dr St Catharines
Niagara Veterinary Emergency 210 Glendale Ave St Catharines