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Looking for a upholsterer in London? Use the MyCityExplorer Virtual Mall to locate business listings for all types of upholstery companies in London featuring experienced upholstery professionals for consultations, restoration and reupholstering services. London upholsterers and soft furnishers offer fabric repairs, patchwork, furniture coverings, padding, soft covers, custom design and work as well as refurbishment service and upholstery replacement.

  Ball Furniture Refinishing Ltd 380 Spruce St, London Click Here! Mr. James Martin Reviews
  Bellrose Upholstery 4562 Colonel Talbot Ss 3 Rd, London Click Here! Mr. Julian Neels Reviews
  Bob Brewster Custom Upholstery 55 Maxwell Cres, London Click Here! Mr. Bob Brewster Reviews
  Canada Upholstery 759 Dundas St, London Click Here! Mr. Ivan Hack Reviews
  Central Refinishers 711 Central Ave, London Click Here! Mr. Joseph Zoccano Reviews
  Custom Upholstery 465 Nightingale Ave, London Click Here! Mr. Steve Palmer Reviews
  Ellen M Brown Upholstery 140 Ann St, London Click Here! Mrs. Ellen Brown Reviews
  English Refinishers Ltd 990 Princess Ave, London Click Here! Mr. Jim Fawcett Reviews
  European Upholstery 73 Wharncliffe Rd S, London Click Here! Mr. Ernest Tihanyi Reviews
  Finn's Upholstery Ltd 1122 Oxford St E, London Click Here! Mr. Finn Frederiksen Reviews
  From The Attic Upholstery #119-4026 Meadowbrook Dr, London Click Here! Mr. Tony Vischschraper Reviews
  Furniture Medic 205 Exeter Rd, London Click Here! Mr. Keith Ferry Reviews
  Furniture Tech 43 Compton Cres, London Click Here! Mr. Dean Tonelotto Reviews
  Gemini Custom Upholstery #7-400 Ambleside Dr, London Click Here! Mr. Andre Vanstigt Reviews
  Jim's Upholstery #7-535 First St, London Click Here! Mr. Jim Baird Reviews
  J Reed Furniture Upholstery 998 Dundas St, London Click Here! Mr. John Reed Reviews


Expert London upholsterers meet the highest standards of quality, durability and safety and combine the very best traditional methods and materials with today's advanced technologies. London master upholstery professionals can be found in this local business directory provide upholstering services for armchairs, sofas, dining chairs, antique restoration, lounge suites, cars, boats, planes, buses in fabric, leather and vinyl as well as upholstery tools and supplies. Improvements such as upholstering increases the value of a treasured furnishing while dramatically improving its appearance at a comparatively reasonable cost.

MyCityExplorer London provides local business listings which showcase a wide variety of upholstery businesses in London offering upholstery solutions for all your home furnishings and transportation seating. For all quality upholstery services in London, look no further than the Upholstery section of the MyCityExplorer London directory.