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Looking for an electrician in Toronto? Use the MyCityExplorer Virtual Mall to locate business listings for all types of qualified electricians in Toronto featuring experienced electrical professionals for consultation, installation and renovation services. Toronto electricians offer rewiring services, new outlets, circuit breakers, electrical conversions as well as restructuring and electricity rerouting services.

  Adams & Cain Electric 194 High Park Ave, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Kevin Adams Reviews
  Albert Colaris Electric Co Ltd 25 Musgrave St, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Albert Colaris Reviews
  Ampower Electrical Contractor 2081 Davenport Rd, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Kulwinder Singh Reviews
  A Tesla Electric Co Ltd 664 Bathurst St, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Ned Velagic Reviews
  Bogart Developments Inc 63 Winchester St, Toronto Click Here! Reviews
  Brentech Ltd 11 Soho St, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Larry Seymour Reviews
  Chung's Electric 393 Jones Ave, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Peter Chung Reviews
  Clan Electric 146 Sunnyside Ave, Toronto Click Here! Reviews
  Clarke Electric 454 Raymerville Dr, Toronto Click Here! Reviews
  Command Performance Electronic 376 Queen St E, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Mark Jehayas Reviews
  Cragg Electric 235 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Les Cragg Reviews
  Crown Electric 2345 Wyecroft Rd, Toronto Click Here! Mr. John Moyssakos Reviews
  Davidson Electric Co Ltd 4161 Sladeview Cres, Toronto Click Here! Reviews
  Deny Electrical Contr Ltd 2393 St Clair Ave W, Toronto Click Here! Mr. John Dinis Reviews
  Domain Electric #70-33 Hazelton Ave, Toronto Click Here! Mr. Hugh Browne Reviews
  Don's Lighting & Maintenance 4 Rosemount Ave, Toronto Click Here! Reviews


Expert Toronto electricians provide top quality workmanship, fair pricing and attention to detail while staying within budget and completing electrical projects quickly and efficiently. Toronto electrical professionals also offer wiring services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, and provide electricity where it is needed through analysis and consultation. Home and business improvements and repair such as electrical services increases the value of a property while dramatically improving its functionality at a comparatively reasonable cost.

MyCityExplorer Toronto provides local business listings which showcase a wide variety of electrical services in Toronto offering residential and commercial electrical services for convenience and functional living. For quality electrical work in Toronto, look no further than the Electricians section of the MyCityExplorer Toronto directory.